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PA Sierra Club Marcellus News Digest 3/14/12

PA Marcellus News Digest March 14, 2012


Group that supported Corbett's giveawy to drillers shocked at Corbett's environmental budget cuts, Hanger brings NC Gov to tour drilling sites (and gets her to flip to support drilling in NC),  the Empire (Henderson) Strikes Back against public health officials, more counties cue up to pass impact fees, Dimock "thugs" pirating reservior water  (really?)  




Groups upset with conservation cuts

Philly Burbs

Gary Weckselblatt

March 14

When Gov. Tom Corbett signed the Marcellus Shale impact fee, the leader of a conservation organization called it "a good first step toward renewing the nearly bankrupt Growing Greener program."

Now, Andrew Heath, that group's executive director, is upset with the cuts to conservation funding included in Corbett's $27.1 billion budget proposal


Scale and Energy Booms, Continued

New York Times

Paul Krugman


March 13

My posts on the North Dakota energy boom, and its lack of implications for state that actually have a significant number of people, have gotten quite a few comments. So I’ve hit on what I think is a useful comparison: North Dakota versus Pennsylvania.


Gov. Perdue takes unannounced trip to Pennsylvania to see fracking rigs

News Observer

JB Frank

March 12

Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue and top administration officials flew to Pennsylvania last week to examine drilling rigs used for shale gas extraction, a controversial practice known as fracking.


Hempfield Area school land could be leased to gas driller


Richard Gazarik

March 14

The Hempfield Area School District may join a list of Westmoreland County districts that lease land to Marcellus shale gas drillers.

The district's negotiations with Chevron Appalachia involve land behind the high school and field house, according to business manager Jude Abraham.


Gas well shuts down heating at Laurel Valley elementary


Jewels Phraner

March 14

Laurel Valley Elementary School reopened on Tuesday after work on a Marcellus shale natural gas well caused water to enter the school's gas line and made it impossible to heat the building.


Bill encourages conversion of large fleets to natural gas


Tom Barnes

March 13

HARRISBURG -- With gasoline prices sharply rising and natural gas prices falling, the state should encourage companies to convert fleets of large trucks and vans to vehicles that run on natural gas, Rep. Stan Saylor, R-York, said today.


Gas law protects Pennsylvanians


Patrick Henderson

March 14

Sunday's Forum piece by Bernard Goldstein and Jill Kriesky of Pitt's Graduate School of Public Health on the historic Marcellus Shale legislation signed by Gov. Tom Corbett ("Gas Law Punts on Public Health," March 11) seeks to undermine the public's confidence in the law, and it does so in a manner that betrays the fair, informed and honest discussion to which your readers are entitled.


Somerset to seek payment for Marcellus wells


Bernie Hornick

March 13

SOMERSET — Somerset County commissioners on Tuesday agreed to advertise their intention to impose an impact fee on Marcellus gas wells, an ordinance that could net $159,000 the first year.


Drilling impact fee up for consideration in Fayette

Liz Zemba


March 14

Fayette County commissioners next week will consider adopting an ordinance imposing impact fees on Marcellus shale wells.

Commisssioners Angela Zimmerlink and Vincent Zapotosky on Tuesday voted to place the proposed ordinance on the agenda for the board's possible approval at its regular meeting on March 20. Commissioner Al Ambrosini did not attend yesterday's meeting.


Sierra Club Spurns $30 Million Gift as Fracking Turns Toxic


Mark Drajem

March 14

Environmental and health groups are calling for tougher U.S. regulation of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, turning on a one-time donor to their causes: Chesapeake Energy Corp. (CHK)

The Sierra Club, the largest U.S. group, is rethinking early support of natural-gas development after activists and scientists linked the drilling to tainted water and increased air emissions, Executive Director Michael Brune said yesterday in an interview. The group turned down $30 million from Chesapeake after he took over in 2010, he said.


Fish and Boat Commission suggests charging for river water

Bob Frye


March 14

You can lead a horse to water, but can you make him pay for it?

That's something the executive director of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission figuratively is asking.


Councilman: Dimock 'Thugs' 'Pirating' Montrose Water


Dave Greber

March 13

(includes video)

Water flowing from a two-and-a-half foot tall spigot on a quiet street in Montrose has sparked a firestorm that's pitted residents against neighbors, the borough council against its owner and a sea change in local meeting laws.

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