Tuesday, March 5, 2013

PA Marcellus News Digest 3/5/13

PA Marcellus News Digest
March 5, 2013

Special: 20 minute report from Nick News, interviewing children from CO, NY and PA about fracking. 

Special: Action Alert for the Old Loggers Path
Keystone Trails Association
Curt Ashenfelter, Executive Director
March 1
Please call the Governor’s Office, your State Senator and your State Representative and ask for public hearings concerning the Old Loggers Path and the Loyalsock Forest. To help you better understand what is at stake, please click here and visit the "Photos" section. The photographs capture the beauty of the Old Loggers Path, contrasted with images of the destruction of a state forest a mere 10 miles down the road.


Mayor supports gas drill cuttings as fill at city site
Standard Speaker
Kent Jackson
March 1
An idea that so far hasn't panned out to bring a new type of fill - drill cuttings from gas wells - to the Hazleton Creek Properties site received support from Mayor Joseph Yannuzzi.

The Pennsylvania “Environmental” Council
Rob Galbraith
Feb 21
The Pennsylvania Environmental Council is an organization that the Public Accountability Initiative first touched upon in our recent report on the revolving door between Pennsylvania’s environmental regulators and the natural gas industry.

Water withdrawal plans put on hold in Old Lycoming Township
Matt Hutchinson
Feb 28
Plans to withdraw 250,000 gallons a day from a well in Old Lycoming Township to supply the natural gas drilling industry have been put on hold - at least for now.

Legal advice for the landowner
Times Online
Kristen Doerschner
Feb 28
The rise of the natural gas industry in Beaver County has led to many landowners seeking lawyers to represent their best interests.

Hauling brine – what are the risks?
Times Online
Rachel Morgan
Feb 28
The risks of hauling fracking wastewater are plenty — from leaking brine tanks to accidental spills to intentional dumps.

'A town-hall meeting that never ends'
Times Online
Michael Pound
Feb 28
When you’re fighting the big boys, it pays to use every tool you have available.
Especially if that tool is Facebook.
Opponents of the hydraulic fracturing method of gas and oil extraction face a powerful, well-funded industry, with corporations and energy associations lining up behind an army of public relations professionals.

Fracking Pennsylvania: Flirting With Disaster
Eco Watch
The Rev. Leah Schade
Feb 28
As an anti-fracking activist, one of the most important things I’ve learned in this work is how necessary it is for us to be connected and know about each other’s work, experiences and information. Walter Brasch has made a valuable contribution to that effort. If I were teaching a course on environmental ethics, Brasch’s books would be on the reading list.

Marcellus Shale will be in Dauphin County's next comprehensive plan
Jeff Frantz
Feb 27
When Dauphin County begins work on its next comprehensive plan, likely in September, it will include provisions for potential Marcellus and Utica shale drilling.

Marcellus Air Emissions: Closest to the Wells See Steep Increases
Allegheny Front
Feb 23
The state’s first-ever tally of air pollution from the fracking boom shows shale gas activity comprises a fraction of the overall pollution in the state. But the state’s new figures also show that the industry has brought pollution to areas that were largely free of it.

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