Tuesday, September 4, 2012

PA Marcellus News Digest 9/4/12

PA Marcellus News Digest
September 4, 2012


Pa. banks, homeowners examine oil and gas leases
The Sentinel
Sept 2
When Donald Yost tried to refinance his home about 30 miles north of Pittsburgh in January, he met a roadblock. It wasn't his credit score — he had a solid rating — or the appraisal he'd paid almost $500 for — that was good, too.
Instead, it was the lease he has that allows a company to drill for gas about a mile underneath his property, similar to leases that many of his neighbors have.

Chesapeake Energy losing its grip on Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale
Robert Magyar
Sept 3
Chesapeake Energy, the once hard charging shale gas company who took the Pennsylvania Marcellus by storm back in 2009, is losing its hold as the market leader within the state. New state production reports out this week show Chesapeake does not own any of the top producing 25 wells in Pennsylvania. All 25 of the best wells are now owned by either Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation (COG), who owns eight of the top ten wells, or private Citrus Energy. State records further show after drilling an average of 235 wells each year for 2010 and 2011, Chesapeake has drilled just 64 wells in Pennsylvania so far this year.

Have your Marcellus Shale and drink it too
Pittsbrugh Business Times
Anya Litvak
Aug 31
If you’re in Washington County and you’re curious what the Marcellus Shale tastes like — and you’re in the mood for a buzz — check out Palazzo 1837.
The Italian restaurant at 1445 Washington Road in Washington, Pa., near the Meadowlands Casino and Racetrack, has a drink named after the prolific gas formation, a hat tip to the many industry folks that patronize the restaurant.

Manor Township Supervisors Deny Drilling Permit
Kittaning Paper
Jonathan Weaver
Sept 4
Earlier this month, Manor Township supervisors met and agreed not to sign a mapping permit for their acreage.
The mapping would have been done by Houston, Texas mapping company ION Geophysical GX Technologies, who are contracted with several local Marcellus Shale drillers to map rock formations.

Kittanning Railroad Station Expands Impact to Marcellus Shale Industry
Kittaning Paper
Jonathan Weaver
Sept 4
A Northern Pennsylvania transportation company is beginning to further expand its local operations.
D&I Silica –headquartered in Sheffield (Warren County) – last week recognized the reopening of its expanded Kittanning Transload Terminal facility. The company transports sand to allow for easier Marcellus Shale flow through fracturing

Study says Pennsylvania drilling waste high in radium
Akron Beacon Journal
Bob Downing
Sept 4
By Spencer Hunt,  The Columbus Dispatch
Millions of barrels of wastewater trucked into Ohio from shale-gas wells in Pennsylvania might be highly radioactive, according to a government study.

Women part of growing force in gas industry
Christie Campbell
Sept 3
Mention a job in the natural gas industry and an image of a burly man, possibly from Texas or Oklahoma, toiling outside in less-than-desirable conditions comes to mind.

Is there natural gas under the midstate? Study could spur Gettysburg battle of a different sort
Donald Gilliland
Sept 3
[...]A well dug in northern York County in 1959 showed a small amount of gas about 3,000 feet down.
A well dug in central York County the following year drilled more than 8,600 feet and found nothing.
A third well drilled on the border of Adams and York counties in 1962 went down more than 1,536 feet and was fracked but got no results.
“Does it mean there’s no oil or gas?” asked Love. “No. It does mean one needs to be careful about making an assessment.”
He said, “Generally speaking, we don’t have a lot of information.”

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