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PA Marcellus News Digest 9/27/12

 PA Marcellus News Digest 
September 27, 2012

Special: PBCCG presents: "CAFO and HYDRAULIC FRACTURING CONFERENCE" - Democracy Fractured October 28, 2012 See details following articles

About 4,500 gallons of treated water enters Pine Creek
Savannah Dempsey
Sept 27
JERSEY SHORE - An unspecified amount of treated frack water ran into Pine Creek following a tractor-trailer crash about 1 p.m. Wednesday just south of Ramsey along Route 44.

Drilling's impact on health ignored
Intelligencer Journal
Letter to the Editor
Sept 26
With all the recent news of the $200 million received in impact fees in Pennsylvania, but with little coverage of where those dollars are spent, I would like to share what I learned from reading Act 13:
Distribution: Conservation districts $2.5 million (2011), $5 million (2012), $7.5 million (2013 and thereafter); gas development, $10 million (2011), $7.5 million (2012) and $2.5 million (2013).

Former Sunoco refinery in Marcus Hook will process Marcellus Shale products
Andrew Maykuth
Sept 27
Sunoco Inc. announced Wednesday that its shuttered Marcus Hook refinery would be reborn as a facility to process Marcellus Shale natural-gas products, fueling new construction and traffic through the Delaware River port.

School drilling lease bill heads to Corbett
Universities will get to share revenues
Laura Olson
Sept 27
HARRISBURG -- A bill is headed to Gov. Tom Corbett to allow Pennsylvania's state-owned universities to keep the proceeds if a college decides to lease land for gas drilling.

Butler Transit gets $2.4 million for nat gas fueling station
Karen Kane
Sept 27
A $2.4 million federal grant to equip the Butler Transit Authority with a natural gas fueling station was thrilling news for authority executive John Paul.

Several express opposition to natural gas pipeline
David Falchek
Sept 27
NEW MILFORD - Staff members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission got an earful of opposition to natural gas at a public hearing Wednesday in New Milford on the proposed Constitution Pipeline.

Resident challenges: PUC to review some local Marcellus drilling laws
Janice Crompton
Sept 27
Officials in Robinson, Washington County, have filed a formal, strongly worded response to the state Public Utility Commission, as the agency begins reviews of several local shale gas ordinances.

Report criticizes Pa. gas drilling enforcement
Times Leader
Kevin Begos, AP
Sept 26
PITTSBURGH — Pennsylvania regulators aren’t inspecting tens of thousands of oil and gas wells even once a year, a new report says. But state officials say they’re inspecting most new wells in the Marcellus Shale region, which is the right place to focus.

The bunker at PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources
Jan Jarrett's Ad Hoc Blog
Sept 27
Dr. Paulette Viola, Professor of Park Resource Management at Slippery Rock University, has served for 19 years through both Republican and Democratic administrations as an official advisor to Pennsylvania’s environmental regulatory and natural resource management agencies. Yesterday she resigned from her advisory position at the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ (DCNR) Conservation and Natural Resources Advisory Council (CNRAC) out of her frustration over the current administration’s hostility to public input.

PBCCG presents: "CAFO and HYDRAULIC FRACTURING CONFERENCE" - Democracy Fractured
(complete information below)
Dickenson College
204 N College St,
Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013-2304
Sunday, October 28, 2012
12:00pm until 6:30pm

Join us as keynote speakers and community leaders address the challenges to PA’s agricultural heritage, from factory farms to Marcellus Shale natural gas extraction and biosolids. We will examine the economics, public health, animal health, environmental impacts, food safety and the influence of powerful well lobbied industries on our farms, economic policy, regulation and democracy. How do we protect ourselves? What happens when state agencies and government fail to protect us? How do we invest in policies that benefit our independent farms and rural communities? How do we sustain our environment and keep local independent farms viable?

-Patrick Baron: Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health - Public Health Implications and Industrialized Animal Production/ Antibiotics and MRSA

-Kathy Martin: Environmental Specialist - Community and Environmental Impact of CAFOs and Hydraulic Fracturing of Marcellus Shale

-Craig Watts: North Carolina Poultry Contract Farmer - What goes on behind those steel doors? See industrialized animal production through the eyes of a contract farmer.

-Terry Spence: Missouri Beef Cattle farmer /SRAP Consultant –What is preventing progressive changes to our food system? Subsidies and influence in agribusiness.

-Charlie Speer : Speer Law Firm – What happens when federal, state and local governments are not doing enough to regulate pollution from industry?

-Julie Huntsman: Veterinarian and NY Council Woman – Effects on livestock near hydraulic fracturing. What about animal health and food safety?

-Ron Gulla: Ron tirelessly educates about the effects of industrial gas development on his 141 acre farm in Southwestern Pennsylvania. "Marcellus Man of the Year".

-Terry Greenwood: Beef Cattle farmer in SW PA who will talk about his experience with gas drilling, loss of water source and cattle.

-Carol French / Carolyn Knapp: PA Dairy farmers (PLGAS) and co-founders of Pennsylvania Landowner Group for Awareness and Solutions. They will talk about leases and share how drilling has impacted their family, farms and livestock.

Sponsored by: Peach Bottom Concerned Citizens and Socially Responsible Agriculture Project
Contact: Maria Payan to reserve a seat 717-456-5800 email:
payans@zoominternet.netOr mail check to: PBCCG, P.O. Box 307 Delta PA 17314 Student - Requested Donation $10 General Public - Requested Donation $20

-or here through our website:

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