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Special feature National Natural Gas Clips from This Week

Sierra Club's Natural Gas Reform Campaign

National Natural Gas Clips 2.18.12 — 2.24.12

Sierra Club Natural Gas Clips
Sierra Club Compass: EPA to Look at Earthquake Risks from Fracking Wells
After several earthquakes in Oklahoma, Ohio, and Arkansas being linked to natural gas fracking wells and wastewater injection wells, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced recently that it will look into these seismic risks.  LINK.

Sierra Club Compass: The Latest Fracking News from New York State
Sierra Club's Atlantic Chapter and gas activists across New York State are still working to protect their communities from the dangers of fracking. On top of last month's protests and organizing around the states Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) we are now starting to see smaller victories.  LINK.

CNBC: Obama Echoes GOP on Energy
Is President Obama taking a page from the Republican playbook on energy policy? Bruce Vincent, Swift Energy president, and Michael Brune, Sierra Club, weigh in.  LINK.

CNBC: Mad Money with Jim Cramer
The natural gas market, and it's a perpetual house of pain has no end in sight. Oh one other thing, if you own this stock, and the president is re-elected, look for some sort of carbon tax that could deck these guys.  And if the House goes Democrat, I'm telling you, that's a lay-up.  Plus, the Sierra Club seems to be running our environmental policies these days, and now they hate natural gas almost as much as coal.  I get the bulletins every day. LINK.

CBS21: Special Report: The truth about fracking
Would it be possible for a fracking well in Pennsylvania to cause an earthquake similar to one that happened in Ohio?  "It's much less likely, but there are no absolutes here," stated PA Sierra Club Director Jeff Schmidt.  LINK.

Hudson Journal News: Solar Power, Global Warming, Frack Waste Targets Of Enviros' "Super Bills"
A group of 10 environmental groups today identified three bills in Albany that they say will be their top priorities during the 2012 legislative session.  LINK.

eNews Park Forest: Sierra Club Statement On President Obama's Energy Policy
"We urge the President to deliver our cleanest, quickest and cheapest options first, and resist falling back on more expensive and dangerous new nuclear power and fracked natural gas.  As it stands, the Sierra Club has no confidence in the secretive and toxic practices of natural gas fracking, nor do we think that new nuclear has any role to play in America's clean energy future. The more we leverage cheap energy efficiency, the fewer new power plants and fracking wells we will need."  LINK.

Dallas Observer: This Fracking Map: Activists Plot More Than 100 Drilling Leases on City-Owned Property
The activist group -- which includes representatives from Dallas Area Residents for Responsible Drilling, Dallas Sierra Club, Downwiders at Risk, Earthworks' Oil and Gas Accountability Project, Mountain Creek Neighborhood Alliance and Texas Campaign for the Environment -- will put their map on display in about 30 minutes in the Flag Room at City Hall, shortly before the start of what's scheduled to be the task force's penultimate meeting.  LINK.

Salem News: Residents looking to ban fracking
Signatures for a petition supporting the resolution will be collected prior to the Sierra Club's showing of the gas drilling documentary "Gasland" at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the old South Range High School, 11836 South Ave., North Lima.  LINK.

North Jersey News: Pipeline foes weigh taking Highlands battle to court
The New Jersey Sierra Club said it wants to sue the Highlands Council for "misinterpreting" an exemption that the council said allows Tennessee Gas to build a 7.6-mile pipeline from West Milford through Ringwood and into Mahwah.  LINK.

National Natural Gas Clips
USA Today: Some states unprepared for shale energy boom
Aaron Dinnin's last job was as a prison guard. Before that, he was a roofer. Today, the 33-year-old West Virginian works in a shale gas field near his home and earns more money than ever before. "This is the best job I've ever had," he says.  LINK.

Bloomberg: Natural Gas Puts Most Expensive Since 2009 Amid Glut
Katia Porzecanski, Nikolaj Gammeltoft and Naureen Malik—Natural gas's 46 percent drop since June has done nothing to awaken bulls in the options market, with puts on a fund tracking the commodity reaching the highest price in more than two years.  LINK.

Forbes: Push to Export Natural Gas Could Threaten U.S. Energy Security
Erica Gies—Natural gas is the key to energy security in the United States, say many people, thanks to the vast shale gas reserves now accessible via hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. Others have embraced it as a "bridge fuel" – a fossil fuel with an environmental footprint midway between coal/oil and wind/solar.  LINK.

Bloomberg: N. Alaska May Hold 80 Trillion Cubic Feet of Shale Gas
Katarzyna Klimasinska—Alaska's North Slope shales may hold as much as 80 trillion cubic feet of gas, or more than half the highest estimate for the Marcellus formation, and as much as 2 billion barrels of oil, the U.S. Geological Survey said.  LINK.

CBS Money: US recovery fueled by record low natural gas prices
Constantine von Hoffman—There is one reason the U.S. economy is recovering: Low gas prices. Natural gas, that is. The price is at a 10-year low and expected to stay that way for awhile. This glut of inexpensive energy is why so many companies have been moving manufacturing back to the U.S.  LINK.

Financial Post: Some producers left out of the gas boom
Yadullah Hussain—It has come to this: Even though natural-gas spending in North America is estimated to decline by 40% and gas well drilling is set to fall by 50% in North America in 2012, ratings agency Moody's expects overall natural-gas production to rise over 2011 figures.  LINK.

Bloomberg: Maximize Promise of Fracking by Solving Safety Problems: View
Editorial— Anything as big and as promising as shale gas is bound to be complicated. This energy source has much to recommend it. To begin with, the U.S. has a lot of it, enough to meet current natural gas consumption for 35 years.  LINK.

Bloomberg: Gas-Fracking Ban in Upstate New York Upheld by State Court Judge
Jim Efstathiou Jr.— A central New York town can block natural-gas drilling after a state judge, in the first test of local laws, upheld the Town of Dryden's ban on hydraulic fracturing.   LINK.

Bloomberg: Cabot Joins Williams to Move Marcellus Gas to New York
Benjamin Haas and Bradley Olson—Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. and Williams Partners LP will join forces on a new pipeline to move at least 500 million cubic feet of natural gas a day from Pennsylvania to higher-priced markets in New York and New England.  LINK.

Reuters: New York Fracking Ban: Judge Rules Towns Can Prohibit Drilling
In a blow to the oil and gas industry, a judge has ruled small towns in New York have the authority to ban drilling - including the controversial method known as fracking - within their borders.  LINK.

International Business Times: Hydraulic Fracturing Dangers 'Overstated,' Researcher Says
Amir Khan—Energy researchers defended fracking - a controversial method of natural gas extraction from underground rocks - at an international meeting Thursday, even though opponents maintain the process pollutes groundwater and causes earthquakes.  LINK.

The Texas Tribune: Despite Report, Researchers Say Fracking Poses Risks
A recent report from the University of Texas found no direct link between hydraulic fracturing and water contamination. But as Mose Buchele of StateImpact Texas reports, researchers say that doesn't mean the practice comes without significant environmental risks.  LINK.

International Business Times: EPA Administrator Says Fracking Can be Safe
Pierre Bertrand—U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson said she believes hydraulic fracturing can be done safely, a slightly more bullish tone than her previous cautious testimony before Congress.  LINK.

Financial Times: Fracking debate sheds wilful ignorance
Dr. Mark A. Wolfgram.—Sir, A special thanks to Martin Wolf for a sober set of reflections on the potential trade-offs of "fracking" ("Prepare for a golden age of gas", February 22). Mr Wolf cites an article in the November 2011 Scientific American, which "suggests that it is not yet known whether such [groundwater] contamination has occurred".  LINK.

AP: New York Fracking Debate Focuses On Wastewater
One of the most contentious issues in the debate over shale gas drilling in New York's share of the Marcellus Shale region — how to handle millions of gallons of contaminated wastewater — remains unsettled. As the state ponders final regulations, environmental advocates say the issue is a glaring gap in preparations.  LINK.

Fox News: Fracking's effects on groundwater may be overblown, study shows
A University of Texas study has found no evidence that fracking -- hydraulic fracturing of shale to extract natural gas -- is contaminating groundwater.  LINK.

Huffington Post: From the Fracking Front: 5 Noteworthy Narratives
The U.S. Department of Energy may have recently cut its estimates for natural gas reserves from the country's shale formations by 42 percent, but the volume of news coverage that high-volume hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) -- what Time magazine called "the biggest environmental issue of 2011" -- continues to receive has not declined one bit. A lot of the latest news relates to President Barack Obama's election-year State of the Union comments touting the important role that natural gas development can play in the U.S. economy.  LINK.



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